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"Whoever you are; in whatever faith you were born, whatever creed you profess,

if you come to this house to find God, you are welcome."

                                                      - John Wesley, Founder of Methodism


Welcome to Broadway United Methodist Church on the World Wide Web! Broadway is a place where you can set down roots and grow in your Christian faith. We are devoted to being and building disciples of Christ. The people here know God's love and share it with one another, within our community and in ministry around the world.


For those of you who are visiting our site for the first time, we have prepared a special "Welcome" page with you in mind! As our guests, we want you to be comfortably informed. Throughout the site, you will find that we have included Maps, Directions, Tourist Information, as well as background information about our church, our ministries and the surrounding community. We invite you to celebrate in worship with us and to make our church a place where you grow in the likeness of Christ. May you be blessed as you visit this site and as you follow Jesus Christ into the world.





 Rev. Laura R. Rasor, Pastor


Monday, July 28
  6:00 pm - Outreach
  7:00 pm - Boy Scouts

Tuesday, July 29
  8:30 am - PDO
  9:30 am - Transformers
  6:30 pm - Webelos
  7:00 pm - Young Adult Bible Study

Wednesday, July 30
  8:30 am - PDO

Thursday, July 31
  8:30 am - PDO
  6:00 pm - Knitting Group

Sunday, August 3
  8:30 am - Rejuvenation Station
  9:30 am - Sunday School; Breakfast by Youth
10:35 am - Worship
  4:00 pm - Youth at Jimís
  6:00 pm - Confirmation Class Orientation

Monday, August 4
  8:30 am - PDO
10:00 am - Knit-wits
  6:30 pm - Golden Council
  7:00 pm - Boy Scouts

Tuesday, August 5
  8:30 am - PDO
  9:30 am - Transformers
  6:00 pm - Success by Six
  7:00 pm - Young Adult Bible Study

Wednesday, August 6
  8:30 am - PDO
  7:30 pm - Chancel Choir

Thursday, August 7
  8:30 am - PDO
  6:00 pm - Knitting

Saturday, August 9
  9:00 am - Brown Food Pantry